Manuscript assessments

As an author, you’re understandably close to your creation, so it’s advisable to have an objective and professional opinion. A manuscript assessment will provide detailed feedback on the structure of your book, its marketability, and the overall strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also be alerted to potential copyright infringements and sensitivity issues.

Developmental editing

Developmental editing takes a closer look at the overall structure of the story. Strong chapter openings, realistic characterisation, dialogue, and an effective conclusion, are just some of the important aspects of story craft. I assist authors in addressing these ‘big picture’ elements before moving on to line editing.

Line editing

Correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation is done during line editing, and consistency of style is applied throughout the book. I’ll do basic fact-checking and give attention to rhythm, repetition, and appropriate word choice. After this step, your manuscript will be ready for the next step towards publishing.